Who is the Cheesesellers wife?

Hello, I’m Kim.

I am many things, as are we all. Both our own selves and the sum of experiences and the influences of those around us. Granddad used to tell me bedtime stories about the Moloch. He’d met H G Wells at a Fabian Society meeting. Dad & I used to spend hours out in the garden trying to find Jupiter with a poor telescope. What else could I do but get hooked on Science Fiction, read Astronomy at University, and end up working in IT?

I have always loved both writing and drawing/painting. Mum was a poet and Dad was a trained artist, so I guess I got all that from them. Reading avariciously was, however, an aberration in my family. If there is text in front of me, I have to read it.

I wrote poetry long before I found books of the wonderful stuff  (Mum had none in the house). I have never shared any of it before this blog.

As a lifelong science Fiction fan, I also write Speculative poetry –if you have never come across this type of poem before, I hope you’ll enjoy those I share at times on the blog….

And, yes, my husband sells cheese. You can find my Cheeseseller at http://thecheeseagent.weebly.com/  .