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I drowse in heavy sun, dream of snow on mountains, ocean breezes
and the riverside where I read one whole day in the shade
of an oak, while you were cycling across Wiltshire
with the old friend that eventually deserted
and hurt you. We were all untamed by
life then, pushing boundaries
feeling awful and wonderful
at each the same time. I
loved you so much that
it hurt, sometimes
still does.

Copyright © 2020 Kim Whysall-Hammond

Among goats

forking hay into an old wheelbarrow
as goats
long eared Nubians all
hustle him
nudging affectionately
their new friend

I was stretching my legs
after a long car ride
while you input the code
to access our cheese
had walked around the barn’s corner and seen

Apprenticed to the cheese makers
feeding their goats
he paused to introduce us
to half grown kids
butting and bouncing
talked of his deep joy
at tending animals

The same joy I see
in our youngest son
apprenticed engineer
loving the machining
and camaraderie

Later we sent him a photo
of happy goats
and a happy Tom
and received a picture
of aircraft undercarriage
and a wish for a pet goat

Copyright © 2020 Kim Whysall-Hammond

For Tom and Paul, at the start of adult life. Light in our darkness.