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Silvered gas bubbles catch the light
above the oak leaves do not stir

I’m blurry in the viewfinder
with a days full tears

walls of clear glass listen
bring distant shouts to my ear

I cannot now remember her clasping
the wound of hunger and hard work

Copyright © 2023 Kim Whysall-Hammond

When ice goes slow….

Lillehammer in winter, ice diamonds in the snow
ice feathers on branches show the temperature
is very low

Deep cold in England, garden cobwebs become adorned
with days of hoar frost growth and the spiders
are folorn

The slow magic of ice delights me

Copyright © 2022 Kim Whysall-Hammond

This poem is a quadrille, it has exactly 44 words. It is posted in response to the prompt over at Dverse tonight. Mish has asked us for quadrilles using the word ice, or words formed from it.

My poem published in Hedgehog Press Anthology

I’m delighted to announce that a poem of mine is published today in the latest anthology from Hedgehog Press . The title of this anthology is The Song of the Hedgehog:

Pre-Order: – “The Song of the Hedgehog” – Various Artists – The Hedgehog Poetry Press (hedgehogpress.co.uk)

Once again, thank you Mark, for taking my poem, which is written from the point of view of a hedgehog looking for love……

The title of my poem , Hedgehogs, be not seen , is from Shakespeare.

Two poems up at Soft Star Magazine

I’m delighted to tell you that two of my poems, “Singing the Cosmos” and “Hot Knife in Butter”, are now both online over at Soft Star Magazine. Both were written to this months theme of Aurora.


“Singing the Cosmos” is an ode to cosmology and quantum physics, but please don’t let that put you off reading it!

“Hot Knife in Butter” is an attempt to describe the Northern Lights…..