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A poem for Fake Flamencos June challenge

This poem is in the form of a naani poem. Naani means: expressing one and all in theTelugu language. This form originated in India from the Telugu poet, Dr. N. Gopi. A naani has four lines with a total of 20-25 syllables and no title. It was written for Rebecca over at Fake Flamenco as part of her June Poetry Challenge :

Grey dawn is a stranger
Yet I remember
Gulls on a clay flat beach
Frost sparkling a forbidden lawn

Copyright © 2022 Kim Whysall-Hammond

May Riddle

Straight and proper
tall and broad
full of wisdom
some nonsense
and great good humour
within there is Mr Darcy
also hope and despair

Bedroom companion
of many years
I love you so
some think you wooden
and you’re
getting fatter
but I don’t care

Copyright © 2022 Kim Whysall-Hammond

This poem was written in response to the May Poetry Challenge over at Fake Flamenco

The challenge is to write a free verse poem, up to 14 lines about a mystery person, place or thing in English or Spanish, deadline: Sunday 5/08, noon CST. 

So, what have I written about??????