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I have to carry myself carefully
as I did when a small child prone to tripping
carrying flowers for Grandma
held tight in both hands
all along the road, almost to the moon
it felt, admonished to be careful
Clumsy they called me, lackadaisical
but my feet turned in
and a treatment had been refused

I have returned to my start it seems
after a fall in the dark
and a crack to the head
this wavering shaky plod
rather than that old vivid
stumbling run
makes me clumsy again

Copyright © 2020 Kim Whysall-Hammond


Clumsy, wavering shaky plod,
stomach awry, head pounding
sudden need to sleep.

Worrying about another fall in the dark
unable to focus, read, write
Uncertain when left alone

This loss of self all the more
frightening as it comes and goes
over years rather than the expected months

The spectre of brain injury
statistics showing a link to dementia
my life drifts part into soft shatters

Then my third Neurologist finds a treatment
and I clamber back up, armed with hope
after four years and a lost career


Copyright © 2018 Kim Whysall-Hammond

Living in my head

Living in my head

Nothing prepares you
For the change
The unexpected knock
In this case literally
In this case
On the back of the head
An everyday slip

Now everyday
I need to accept the difference
The peculiarities of my life
Every feeling, symptom
Headache, stagger
Examined, questioned

I am grateful
For it could be far worse

Copyright © 2016 Kim Whysall-Hammond