Published poems


‘Goodbyes’ and ‘Drunken Giant’ published by Star*Line Volume 46, Issue 1, Winter 2023

‘When I float, who will find me?’ published  by Dreams and Nightmares, Issue 123, Jan 2023

‘May Ball’ published  by Silver Birch Press online, January 2023

‘Rambling’ accepted by Sylvia Magazine tbp January 2023

‘The Mother of All’ accepted by The Dawntreader  January 2022 pub date tba

 ‘World Building’  accepted  by  Black Cat Press for The Anarchist poetry Project pub date tba

‘Safe home’ accepted by  Penumbric  pub date tba

‘Drawn to the Light’ accepted by New Myths, tpb 2024


‘The Fading of Yellow’   published by  Star*Line  February 2022

Carve it in doves and pomegranates’ published by  Utopia Science Fiction  February/March Issue 2022

‘City’ published by The Martian Wave March Issue 2022

‘Winter God’ published by Milk and Cake Press for Dead of Winter 2 anthology  March 2022

‘ShipShape’ published by  Granfalloon Spring 2022 Issue

‘The Ancient of Days’ published by  The Fantastic Other Issue 4 Spring 2022

”Facing the Thousand Ships’ published  in The Musings of the Muses anthology from  Brigid Gate Press  April 2022

‘Wild Calling Moon’ published  in  Silver Blade, Spring Issue 2022 
‘The Mourning of the Children’ published  in Ink Drinkers Poetry, Issue 6, June 2022

‘In shape no bigger than an Agate Stone’ published  inEternal Haunted Summer, Summer Solstice Issue 2022

‘Wild calling Moon’ published  in Silver Blade May 2022 :

‘Doors within’ published  in  The Martello Issue 3 :

“Friends?” published  at The Dread Machine   August 2022 :

“As slow as Starlight”  published  by Frozen Wavelets Issue 7 October  2022 :

Several poems published as the Featured Poet in Green Lion Journal, December 2022

‘Hedgehogs, be not seen’ published in the anthology from Hedgehog Poetry Press, ‘The Song of the Hedgehog’, December 2022

‘Singing the Cosmos’ and ‘Hot Knife in Butter’ published  online by Soft Star Magazine:


‘Shadow Dance / Island’ published by Kaleidotrope  Jan 2021:

‘Immensity’ published in print by On Spec in Issue 115 February 2021

‘Lilbourne’ and ‘Summer Queen’  published by Milk and Cake Press in  the  anthology  ‘Dead of Winter’, February 2021, available here.

  ‘Weaver’  published in Issue 8 of Marble Poetry

‘Ground Glass Opacity ‘ published in Issue 30 of  Amsterdam Quarterly  March 2021:

Visitor ‘ published by Fantasy Magazine  May 2021:

May 2021 (Issue 67) – Fantasy Magazine (

Sleep the blanket to thought published by  Three Line Poetry Issue 56 May 2021:

‘Reclamation’, ‘Love Thy Neighbour’, ‘The other friend I told you about’ published by  The BeZine Volume 8  Issue 2 June 2021:

Reclamation Neighbor Friend — Kim Whysall-Hammond – The BeZine

She Lingers’ published in the summer 2021 poetry issue of American Diversity Report   June 2021

‘Waving Goodbye ‘, ‘Ancestry’ and ‘Sea Crow’  published in Anthropocene Hymnal  July 2021

‘Adolescence’ published in Alchemy Spoon Issue 4  August 2021

‘Night Driving’ published at Two Rivers Press online gallery RiversSide:

‘Falling’ published by Sciencefictionery Magazine Issue 1, September 2021:

‘Life Without’,  ‘Perspectives’ and ‘Shaman’ published by Littoral  Issue 7 September  2021

‘Wayland’  published in the fourth issue of Ink Drinkers Magazine September  2021:

They are not Venus Statues’ published in  Amethyst Review  October 2021:

‘Or by Inaction….’ published in Granfalloon, Winter 2021 issue, November 2021

‘All the rivers of the world flow within us’ published in  Yellow Arrow Journal  Vol. VI, No. 2 , November 2021

‘Compostable Love’ and ‘Meditation’  published by  Bind Collective, November 2021:

‘Seed Guardian’ published by Silver Birch Press November 2021

Dizzy with Time’  published by Oddball Magazine December 2021






‘Mars opens her heart’ in the second issue of  Frozen Wavelets at

“Dance” at The Drabble:

“Gains” at The Drabble:

“Coal” at The Drabble:

“Front Doors” published by Silver Birch Press:

‘Calling Sky’  published  in the April issue of Utopia Science Fiction online –

“Breakfast” at The Drabble:

“Dryad”  at Nine Muses Poetry :

‘Coward’ and ‘Seasonal’ published by North of Oxford 15th June 2020:

‘Rattling the Drawers’ published by An Ink Slingers Observance June 2020 (print edition)

‘Dead Cold Night’ published by Space and Time Magazine June 2020

‘Winter in Concrete’ and ‘Glimpse’ published by Wild Pressed Books in the Anthology ‘New Town’ edited by Robert Francis. Available here

 ‘Foundlings’ published by Allegro September 2020 issue:

‘In another poem’ published by Lamplit Underground. Issue 4 (Monsters) September 2020:

‘Only Exmoor’ and ‘London’ published by People and Places (a project by the Sliver Birch Press):

Only Exmoor by Kim Whysall-Hammond

London by Kim Whysall-Hammond

‘Reprobate Creature’ and ‘The World is quiet here’  published in The Last Leaves  Issue 1:

‘Front Doors’ and ‘Nights midpoint’ published in ‘Can you hear the people sing?‘ an anthology from Palewell Press, published November 2020:

‘Remembrance’ published in Frozen Wavelets Issue 5  December 2020



‘Rain’ in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Associations print journal Star*Line  42.2

‘Lights’ in The Future Fire:

‘The Moor and the Sky ’  and ‘Bone Moon’ in Total Eclipse:

‘Love of the Gods’ in Eternal Haunted Summer Summer Solstice Issue 2019

‘Glint’ in Trouble Among the Stars Issue 3

‘Time washes all clean’ published in Issue 39 of the Irish poetry magazine ‘ The Blue Nib’  15th September 2019  Poetry by Kim Whysall Hammond | The Blue Nib

‘Green’ in the Environs issue of Snakeskin:

‘Fossil Poetry’ published in Issue 76 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine, September 2019:

Andromeda spaceways issue 76 cover

‘Gift’ published by Utopia Science Fiction  October 2019 issue:

Several of my poems are up on the website  ‘Mediterranean Poetry  (an odyssey through the mediterranean world)‘  , at

‘Graveyard shift’ published at The Insignia Series:

‘Alien evening’ published by Frozen Wavelets December 2019 issue 1

‘Mountains of the Moon’ published by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Associations print journal Star*Line, December 2019


Dance / Boy Migrant / Watercolour time / The overwhelming sky  at

The Shape of Rain and Dark Heat at

“Deep” in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Associations print journal Star*Line  41.3

‘Dockside’ in Wizards in Space 3, a print journal,

‘Capture’ in London Grip New Poetry,

‘Our Secret’ in Crannóg 49, the Irish print journal,

‘Present Future’  at…/20…/10/30/present-future/


‘Storm’ at

‘We live on the High Ground’ at

‘The Overwhelming Sky’ at

‘Dawn creeps across the land’ at

‘Broken Cable’ in

‘Only Exmoor’ and ‘Burning’ in

‘Illium’ in

‘Broken Doll’ at

“She came to see me” in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Associations print journal Star*Line 40.4

‘Orphan’ at