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Voting for poem of the month

My poem Broken Cable has been shortlisted for Ink, Sweat and Tears  Poem of the month for March 2017! Public voting is at

Voting will close at 9pm on Thursday 13th April. The shortlist is at

I’m going to be cheeky and ask that you vote for my poem. Here it is once more:

Broken cable

In the middle of the bright Atlantic
Floating on the swell between island volcanoes
Looking past reflective surface tension
To silvered gas bubbles beneath catching the light

And across the issuing rift

A long snake of data cable
Broken sheared twisted.

As the gas breaks the surface
We hear voices
Blogs bubbling to the top
Instructions to buy or sell
A thousand tiny voices
Sparkling in the sunshine
Several parrot fish swim by
Next day when snorkelling
I fancy I hear fish blogging

Copyright © 2017  Kim Whysall-Hammond

Lava Tunnel

Lava Tunnel

In a simple field, no different from any other
Is a clump of small trees with a dark secret
Amongst their roots, we tiptoe down a rocky slope
Into blackness.
Torchlight reveals a dry tunnel, strange shelf on the walls
Chattering, we walk until daylight is extinguished by distance
We stop, simmer to quietude, and turn off the torches
Into silence
Liquid rock once ran where we now stand in black silence
The rock around us the scum that floated on that river
The apocalypse that created our tunnel has disappeared
Into history

Copyright © 2016 Kim Whysall-Hammond


Once more, re-blogged from last year…



Where fishermen once hauled nets
Shared gossip, landed fish
Dug long tunnels in the russet cliffs
To shelter their bright boats
We now stand
Pondering the blue Atlantic rollers
As they part around the sentinel stone in the bay
We delight in the spray
Run laughing from rogue waves
Our pleasure replaces their hard toil

Copyright © 2016 Kim Whysall-Hammond


Whaling Boat


Whaling Boat

Cleaving through the waves
Slender, fragile
A wooden sailing boat
Races its kindred
In the regatta
Brought back to life and beauty
Restored to some use
But not the original fatal one
Man against beast
Hand launched harpoon
Against the deep diving leviathan
A dreadful trade
Forged in harsh necessity
Killing Whales and men
In this isolated archipelago
As the boat  turns into the wind
A bright Orange speeder passes close
Bouncing from wave to wave
Full of tourists
Out to hunt whales
With their cameras

Copyright © 2016 Kim Whysall-Hammond

Green in gray

Lava once flowed here to meet the ocean in hissing and steam
Cooled into writhing shapes that tear our feet as we clamber over
Drawn to the bright signs of encroaching life
Orange yellow lichens spattered as if by Pollock
And one clasp of vibrant green in the gray
Washed by tides, holding fast, reaching to the sun
Proclaiming conquest

Copyright © 2016 Kim Whysall-Hammond

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Atlantic Peace

I too love the Atlantic Ocean, and I want to share Dave’s poem with you

Dave Kavanagh.

Even at peace 
you roll in tempestuous waves, 
breaking against my love 
and my temper.
Carrying a latin beat 
the swell and heat 
of Mexico and Brazil. 
You fill my eyes with your rise 
and fall, the call of undertow 
and currents.
Drifting, rising ire from below, 
a pyre of spume thrown 
against the shore. 

You come with the world 
in your essence, 
sense of ancient beginnings, 
a womb of worlds to come. 
Shaping and carving and crashing 
against the hardness that is me 
and all I am, all I will be.
Your fire and your gentle calm 
inviting me to rest 
and lose myself in surf and surge 
and purge the pain of living, 
to sleep in your arms 
safe from harm forever.

– Dave Kavanagh.

© Dave Kavanagh @

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