Hello, I’m Kim.

My mother was a poet, and I have always written poetry, long before I found books of the wonderful stuff  (Mum had none in the house). I have never shared any of it before I set up this blog in 2015.

Here you will find my poems and others I feel the need to share with you (but mostly my poems). There will also be the occasional post about other things, but as the tag line says it’s “mostly poetry”.

And, yes, my husband sells cheese. Sometimes I help…….

You can find my Cheeseseller at http://thecheeseagent.weebly.com/  .


35 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi and thanks for following Art and Tulips. I love what you’re doing with poetry (I have turned to art after being a writer for a long time). The name of your blog reminds me of Michael Ondaatje’s wonderful poem, “The Cinnamon Peeler’s Wife” – one of my favorites!

    Greetings from San Diego!

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  2. Stopping by to thank you for your recent like on Shift Key and peruse your wonderful site. My wife and I are in your cheese corner every morning – we normally have Dubliner or Farmer’s Cheese with toast (her) and matzos (me). She mango; me apricot. Back soon.

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  3. Hey, thanks for the ‘like’ on my recent post, and for the ‘follow’ which, having read one or two of your poems, I will reciprocate. I don’t reckon myself a poet though I have a go from time to time. This seems to be the only place I can leave a comment, right? At first I thought you were the wife of a cheeseseller I know pretty well, here in Wharfedale.

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