One grandmother is a monochrome photograph
other people’s eloquent stories
even the only grandchild she lived to see
cannot now remember her

She was
tall, stylish and elegant on my grandad’s arm
smiling enigmatically at the camera
the wife he still mourned deeply
twenty years after her untimely death

She is
the reason I can write this
for she saved her premature baby sons lives by
determination and ingenuity when the midwife
left them for dead

So maybe she is not absent at all

Copyright © 2023 Kim Whysall-Hammond

This poem is published for Dverse, where the theme is Grandmothers. My paternal grandmother died a year before I was born, but she still had a great impact on my life…..

33 thoughts on “Absent

    1. Apparently she wrapped the underweight twins in cotton wool and put them near a constantly steaming kettle in her warm kitchen. They were fed using pipettes. They were each about 2lb in weight. The midwife told the family doctor that the twins had died. He didn’t know any different until they caught measles at age seven!

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  1. Not absent at all. What an amazing story about how she saved the twins. They were such an attractive couple! Am I wrong, or were people more glamorous back then? My older relatives seemed impossibly glamorous, compared to the generations who followed.

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