Winter God

Tall, lean, feline, black eyed Winter is aprowl
high-shouldered, haughty, she
swirls through branches that strain to catch her
bleaches an expansive sky
watches for lonely bones

This night a god will sing in the storm
lay her glitter cloak over all
reveal a power and deadly glory
to make you question your beliefs
as she slithers under doors to embrace you
gnaws your bones with cold
takes you

Copyright © 2022 Kim Whysall-Hammond

‘Winter God’ was first published in March 2022 by Milk and Cake Press in the Dead of Winter 2 anthology

Posted for Earthweals weekly challenge. OK , so a bit of a cheat, but we are predicted temperatures of -10C (14F) here in England – I fear that the Winter god is taking up residence.


18 thoughts on “Winter God

  1. Winter madness is a Cailleach deified, omnipotent in her depth of cold dark. Such a wild phrasing of it here! (Luckily? in Florida we’re in the 3d year of a La Niña which pushes dry warm air our way; ever damn day its warmish and coolish without rain.)

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      1. I’ve heard that 2022 will break annual temperature records despite La Niña … I wonder how these oscillations are changing (like the 3d year straight of Nina) under the influence of a hotter climate. We’ve had the same friggen day for weeks thx to La Niña.

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