I am the Featured poet at Green Lion Journal!

The wonderful Renwick Berchild has chosen a suite of my poems to be part of her ongoing ROAR Showcase at Green Lion Journal.

Please head over to Green Lion to read my poetry, and also a Q&A where I answer various questions about my poems and poetry.


20 thoughts on “I am the Featured poet at Green Lion Journal!

  1. Congratulations, Kim! Very cool collection. I can only very rarely write about my mother, or any family-oriented stuff. And the extensive interview certainly opens you up to your readers, among whom I am pleased to be included.

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  2. Kim, I enjoyed your interview. I’ve only just gotten through Mother Love and was stunned at how similar our experiences with our mothers overlap. Much of my early poetry has been about my own mother and while I have yet to come to a satisfactory detente with her (she is now 87), I decided a year or so ago that it was time to move on. But those resentments still remain. Thank you for encapsulating a similar relationship mode. I’ve forever envied those claiming their mothers are their best friends. What a foreign concept, for this gal! Anyway, congratulations! And now, on to the rest of your featured poetry.


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