Merry eyes, wicked smile, teller of tales.
Grandfather mine, I would sit on your knee
hear of Susan, the Mule that liked to kick officers
and saved you on a mountain pass.
How you were called the
Prince of Baghdad by your comrades
and of meeting real Princes in India.
Self taught, you bought me
Maths books to read with you
taught me poetry
squeezed me into your
invalid carriage and drove to
expensive French restaurants for lunch.
Your love of life and learning
and food
is mine, forever.

Copyright © 2022 Kim Whysall-Hammond

This poem is linkes back to Open link night at Dverse

27 thoughts on “Grampee

    1. Thank you Bjorn. Yes, Alphred was an amazing man. He was born into poverty in Malta and stowed away on a ship to London in the early 1900s where he built a new life. He fought in both world wars. I tell what I know of his story on my family history blog, The Nut Tree.

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