Tricksters all……

We laugh at the moon
cry to the stars
snuggle in our dens
try to roam free

True to the coyote within

Sang this world into being
loving, tricking
playing, living
will howl at its end

True to the coyote within

Copyright © 2022 Kim Whysall-Hammond

Written in response to this weeks EarthWeal Challenge, where we are asked to ‘write an animal poem, ensouled with the animal body in your animal mind. You can embrace the extra-human wherever it is found, in beast, fish, tree, land- or seascape or star canopy.’

As often happens with my poetry, I went at this a bit slant. In my childhhod I read many tales that originated from the myths of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas — tales where Coyote helped sing the world into existence, where he made sure that humans were modelled after his mercurial trickster spirit.

We are all coyotes, tricking and loving our way through the world, to its end……..

20 thoughts on “Tricksters all……

  1. I love everything about this poem. Coyote, trickster, singing the world into being who will sing at its end hurts my heart with how their lives have changed because of humans. I love the poem – and the photo! Poor coyote on the edge of a city.

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  2. I don’t know about the UK, but coyotes are prevalent across the US now, hunting the suburbs at night for cats & other small animals. Routinely signs go up warning residents to keep their animals in at night. I’ve faced off with one coming into our yard. They are borderland-lurkers, thriving just beyond our last lights. The haunting, daunting symbol you explore in all of us.

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