Winter Reveals 2

Trees stark against the sky
show signs of hard pruning
or scars of storm damage

Sunlight shafts through leafless woods
reveals which wild seeded
and which are straight lined planting

The artificial brightnesses of our Decembers
do not touch this hard solitude
as we all wait for the future

Copyright © 2021  Kim Whysall-Hammond

This is a reworking of a poem I wrote (and blogged) in 2017. I was never sure of the ending, and I like this version better.

I was inspired to go back to this poem by the weekly prompt at Earthweal, which is all about Nadirs and Zeniths.

17 thoughts on “Winter Reveals 2

  1. At least there still is a wild to contrast with the planted–I love how you captured that in your “Leafless woods.” You capture the dark and the artificial bright–oh–how lonely! I think we are waiting together with all of creation. Thank you for this poem. Happy year’s end and beginning.

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  2. Everything waits, but some like the trees, wait for the next stage in the cycle of growth, not the next spending bonanza. Our artificial brightness will be the death of us. I like your ‘hard solitude’. It is hard, but life is, especially in the winter.

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