1. Stating the Obvious
Poetry surfs on a wave of words
heading for the beach of simile
metaphor dunes. If you surf too long
the moment is gone

2. Poor lost instrument
Trapped in your tower
they no longer use you to search the heavens
battered and bruised, missing parts
you lurk in darkness
if only I could find glass plates
unwrap them, set them in place
open the dome
set you free

3. Flower
I held a flower in my hand
delicate, whole, perfect
a small world within itself
and, as we searched for a gate
a stile, by which to leave the field
I crushed it

Copyright © 2021 Kim Whysall-Hammond

For DVerse.

The challenge from Laura over at dverse is to write a poem consisting of fragments:

a poem of several numbered stanzas. Each being complete in itself and having only a passing relationship to each other, if at all
a poem of disjointed images (like listening to conversation in passing, repetitively switching between radio/tv station, random images across a screen, or paintings/photos seen in a gallery)

Your poem should NOT conform to any rhyme scheme
Your poem MUST include Fragment(s) somewhere in the title”

16 thoughts on “Fragmentary

  1. IMHO, locked domes have their positive and negative aspects, but remain (for me, at least) the best residences. And, for at least some varieties, flowers only reveal their true beauty after being crushed and discarded.
    Wonder fragmentation, Kim. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Delightful, little hidden realisations and mysteries too, and gems, yes gems…if you surf too long….what a thought, what a thought, staying with me as I read through your poetry…and then…crushed…I am still in shock! What a last line…what a last line…

    Liked by 1 person

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