Great Orme

On the north Wales shore a fat rock serpent
coils out to sea clasping copper tightly
within as a Dragon clasps gold

Deep in his gut lie human bones
children who delved into the dark
hunting the shine with hard flint

In tunnels too small for adults
troglodyte children crawled and twisted
lived and died alone in darkness

Bats explode from a cave entrance
sprawling tourists like scattered chaff
the dead come for their vengeance
three thousand years they have lain here
the daylight is theirs at last

Copyright © 2021 Kim Whysall-Hammond

19 thoughts on “Great Orme

    1. Yes, probably. But their society was very different to ours. People are considered adults much earlier in a society where average life expectancy is less than 30. Also maybe mining for metal was considered a religious or special act. We shall never know.

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  1. Wow, everything from the photo to the information in the poem is riveting. I didnt know about this. Very cool to learn something new from a poem.

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  2. Cave-burials in the Mesolithic saw deposition of bones in deep places, often down oubliettes along with the remains of animals; across the bay at Little Orme there is such a cave. But of course children could have been used in harvesting copper, it was such a prized metal in the Bronze Age The explosion of bats carrying the souls of those children is a shrieking image.

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  3. That formation is indeed eerily reminiscent of a coiled serpent with its head outstretched. I too love prehistory and its legacy in our subconscious and our DNA, and here you bring it to life, even bring it back to make its mark on the present, with the souls of the dead and flawless skill. A fascinating write, and I loved it. Happy All Hallows to you!

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  4. I saw a film recently where a child was sent into a tunnel in a cave too small for adults to enter to retrieve some ore. This was not set in a time that long ago–maybe the 1800s? They should haunt us. (K)

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