Homer and his ilk

The teachers pets sat at the front, had all her attention
the boys and I languished at the back
where three long bookshelves were stuffed full
with books not intended for a primary school
here poetry and myth seeped into my being
as I dodged paper airplanes

Here I met Achilles, Agamemnon, grew up in Sparta
saw the first marathon run
lived deep in primeval forests
loved slightly dippy Thor, discovered Loki
Kokopelli and Coyote
wanted a trickster god of my own

Copyright © 2021 Kim Whysall-Hammond

12 thoughts on “Homer and his ilk

  1. I skipped more High School than I attended, but they let e graduate when I proved to them that instead of attending classes on stuff I already knew I took a bus to the public library & immersed myself in more advanced scholarly endeavors. We made a deal: I’d attend the last month of my Senior year & take the Finals. If I didn’t score in the top 10 percentile, they didn;t have to diploma me. I skipped graduation, let them mail it to me so as not to embarrass them too badly.

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