On Blue Anchor Beach, Exmoor

Crevasses hide slidden trees
while cliff tops have shed huge rocks
now littered out below
like unstrung Brobdingnagian beads

On this miss-sized jewellers of a beach
glittering with quartz and pearled fossils
we scamper over curled dark pools
fish for a sense of perspective

Copyright © 2021 Kim Whysall-Hammond

4 thoughts on “On Blue Anchor Beach, Exmoor

  1. ‘have shed huge rocks’ – how marvellous!

    West of The Cobb at Lyme Regis is a particularly moody stretch of beach (all cliff-slide and ‘slidden trees’) called Monmouth. Curiously, it is ‘blue’, too, as the cliffs are a clay called Blue Lias.

    There is a sudden and surprising area there where the rocks are encrusted with huge ammonites – I always describe them as the size of dinner plates, but that is incorrect; dinner plates is far too conservative. Anyway, it is quite spectacular. As is your poem, Kim!

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