I’m so tall, I’m so tall
Yet you raised me to be so small

As waves wash an uncaring shore
So I would wash you with my love

As they caress rocks and pebbles
I used to kiss your uncaring cheek

Waited with the patience of waves
For you to regard me

To see the woman I had become
As someone you could be proud of

That tide went out years ago
I now walk a different shore

I’m so tall, I’m so tall
Yet you raised me to be so small

Copyright © 2021 Kim Whysall-Hammond

Misquote in italics from Living on the Ceiling by Neil Arthur and Stephen Alfred Luscombe

18 thoughts on “Toxic

  1. Excellent poem. The first two lines grabbed me–“I’m so tall yet you raised me small.” Brilliant. I want to feature this on my poetry corner. I will reblog your post and hopefully, others will come to your page and read more of your works. Well done!

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  2. Reblogged this on KG Bethlehem and commented:
    Good evening and welcome, welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week a fantastic poet, Kim Whysall-Hammond has honored us with an amazing work of writing. Her poem called “Toxic” might have you think a certain way when you finish it.

    …and I strongly advise you to finish it :-)

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