They looked and turned away

They looked and turned away
Londoners afraid to interact
With the girl sitting, weeping
On a stinkingly hot day in the city
Exclaiming that she had gone blind
Oversized suitcase abandoned near her feet
My feet
Someone pushed a cold drink into my hand
A woman’s voice comforted me
A stranger joined me on the step, asked where I was going
Told me that a long hot walk carrying a load
Had affected my sight
Sat until, miraculously, my sight returned
Then left
Pulling myself to my feet
I retrieved the offending suitcase
Slowly made my way to the Tube station
Continued my journey, moving from London to Oxford
Changing university, leaving friends and home city
Aiming for a Doctorate, I should have noted the omen
For I found loneliness and failure

Copyright © 2016 Kim Whysall-Hammond

Fist published by Silver Birch Press:

13 thoughts on “They looked and turned away

  1. I like the change in POV, which brings us close to you in your struggle. As for your PhD, I guess we know what does and does not work for us once we try it. Seems you have found new and wonderful ways to direct your energy – Poetry!

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  2. So very sad. A brave poem to post, as it shows your vulnerability. All creativity is birthed in vulnerability. You may have felt crushed and exposed that day, but you rose and moved forward and did so with dignity. A very courageous act. And very fine poet.

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