Three poems in The Bezine

I’m delighted to tell you that three poems of mine (‘Reclamation’, ‘Love Thy Neighbour’, ‘The other friend I told you about’) have today been published in The BeZine Volume 8  Issue 2:

Reclamation Neighbor Friend — Kim Whysall-Hammond – The BeZine

The theme for this summer issue is Waging Peace through Common Ground.

My poems are about learning to see and hear each other and the world around us.

‘Reclamation’ tells of an inner city community picnic — the last line was actually inspired by Paddington Bear!

‘Love Thy Neighbour’ is based on a story I was told.

‘The other friend I told you about’ describes a relationship across social divides.

13 thoughts on “Three poems in The Bezine

  1. “When you name them, they are more real.” An entire curriculum could be built around the truth of that sentence. It’s the kind of statement I’ll always remember. These three poems bristle with details of worlds I know so little about. The food and music and cultures of people who are not like me – except they are. You are brilliant, Kim, brilliant.

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