6 thoughts on “Second Vaccination

  1. If only people would get smart and separate their politics from their health, we could move the entire world into a safer zone. Not sure what it’s like in Britain, but here in the US, craziness rules. I hope you have a minimal reaction to your second shot but no matter, you are now safer.

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    1. I had no reaction to my first, so not expecting one for the second.

      I’m just flabbergasted at the headline that said in the USA , 2/3 of Democrats are already vaccinated , but 2/3 of Republicans say they will never be vaccinated. Wow!

      The USA Covid conspiracy theories have been imported, and we have homegrown ones that have led to many BAME folks not getting vaccinated. But most of us are overjoyed at vaccination and are willing to still wear masks and keep the 2m distance until this is all over.

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    1. Yes indeed! :)

      Here in the UK, we have a 12 week gap between our two jabs, but the vaccination scheme is running so well, they are now ahead of scehdule so my second jab is 2 weeks early! Hopefully my Cheessesellers second one will be early too, but he was in later priority group.

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