When you are old you
don’t understand
the plot of any Avengers film
but do understand
personal comfort is important
hence the clothes you are wearing

Gladly point out that nobody
really knows what a blockchain is
start to ask things like
“Who needs that many tattoos?”
find you are saving everything
and wasting nothing
particularly stale leftovers
expect to have at least one ache or pain at all times.

Being old is a state of mind
when you are old
you don’t have to pretend anymore.

Copyright © 2021 Kim Whysall-Hammond

14 thoughts on “Old

  1. I identify with your poem, Kim! I remember the old Avengers television series with great fondness, even though I didn’t understand much of it when I was a child, I just loved the characters. But I’ve not seen any of the films. Personal comfort is hugely important! The best thing is not having to pretend. 😊

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  2. A young person is one who loves the Avengers (TV series or movies) because they don’t look or sound anything like our uncool, yet-tattooed, burdened selves. An old person is here, saving leftovers while someone else battles the universe. And fine with it! – Brendan

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