All in the Family

Raging against the rest of us
she calls us feeble sheep
doltards, retards, connivers in
our own imprisonment
bitter enemies of freedom

Freedom being, apparently
the right to party
to go down the pub
drink yourself insensible
and to then post photos of your creative craziness
as you throw up in the gutter

My freedoms are different
yes, I long to see and hug
but I need more to stay alive
to walk in fresh air, to read, to think
in peace and in health

Freedom , as always, is mutable

Copyright © 2021 Kim Whysall-Hammond

13 thoughts on “All in the Family

  1. “All in the Family” or “All in Every Home”? Black sheep are actually pretty common and can appear at any age, although the stereotype is that they are younger adults. I’d rather they act out verbally than otherwise. We had another mass shooting in Norfolk, Virginia last night.

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        1. After the shooting at Dunblane Primary School in 1996, we banned all handguns. Yes, we have knife killings in our inner cities— but not mass shootings. There was a national consensus on the ban — I can’t see that happening at n the USA sadly.

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  2. There is freedom to and freedom from – often one person’s freedom to removes someone else’s freedom from. I have an American colleague who is often critical of Australia – including our rapid lockdowns due to COVID, and he’s even mentioned gun laws. It is hard to bite my tongue sometimes…

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