The Teenage Years

All bets are off in the teenage years
You still share your child’s hopes and fears
But they are a child no more –Can you hear that slammed door?
It’s a bumpy ride–Sometimes Jekyll, sometimes Hyde
You love them to bits, you can’t stand them anymore
And there again is that slamming door
You glimpse a young woman, you glimpse a young man –Try to catch them if you can
Sometimes it seems they’re a toddler again –Needing to share some of the pain
Do you remember when this was you?
Now you know what your parents went through……

Copyright © 2015 Kim Whysall-Hammond

I thought this would resonate with all those living with Teeenagers in Lockdown…..

14 thoughts on “The Teenage Years

  1. My sister has said to her daughter a few times now …. “Good !! You did that to me !” However now that daughter is nearly 50 they have long been quite amicable about it. Daughter will likely be able to day so in her turn soon.

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      1. Even after years of teaching primary school with clear guidelines of attitudes to children, I still find I sometimes have to think consciously about reactions to nieces and nephews. I still sometimes get surprised at what I initially think disapprovingly of.

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