And the budding begins

And the budding begins
sticky tree buds emerge
from bare wood

Reddish at first
shading to luminous green
a promise

Nature now waits
as do I, with baited breath
for the right moment

Copyright © 2020 Kim Whysall-Hammond

This is a rewrite of an earlier poem, Study in Green, re-visited for Sarahs challenge about seasonal changes over at EarthWeal

22 thoughts on “And the budding begins

  1. I am excited to have moved into a place where my bnig front window looks out over two very old, big Japanese cherry trees which create a canopy of gloriouspink blooms each spring. This year I will witness the flowering, and sit underneath the sweetness. Yay!


  2. ‘the budding begins’ – I love this idea of expectant waiting and hoping. I saw bees buzzing around the rosemary today and if that isn’t cause for hope, I don’t know what is…

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  3. Wonderful, Kim! I’m looking out of my window at sticky buds on our cherry tree – you captured it perfectly, especially the way that they are reddish at first and the expectation that they will shade to luminous green. My kind of promise!

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  4. Lovely poem and really begins the budding. I saw yours and you inspired me to join in too even though I am at a distance now to Navasola I can use old photos of each month to remind me. So thanks for your writing and the links to earthweal.

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