Pony Lad

Deep along and under
coal damp flared, blew
took out men and rocks.
The pony knew it, that fetid puff
and bolted, taking his boy,
tightly clutching the harness, with him

Deep under and along
men scrambled, suffocated
wordless in the dark
never to see the green again.
But the pony boy was out
as the shaft tumbled and crushed
thanking God for his pony

Copyright © 2020 Kim Whysall-Hammond

Wilfred Whysall, my grandfather was that pony lad….

8 thoughts on “Pony Lad

  1. Wow !! Dad’s mother’s father had been a stable boy then ostler then driver in the 1860’s and 1870’s just like his forefathers before him. But he lost his job as the Cornish economy slumped, and had to go down into the mines as a casual miner turning up at the mine gates hoping for work each day to support his wife and children. He must have hated being underground so much. Your Grandad was so lucky to survive.

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  2. The pony knew best and protected him! I like how you’ve re-arranged the first line in the second stanza, imagining the plight of the miners trapped underground. It must’ve been horrific. Such a lucky escape and such a skilfully crafted poem: understated yet dramatic.

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