Storage issues

Images of distant snowmen
long melted and gone
haunt my eyes.
The heat of other summers
warms my skin
as my feet try to kick through
thirty year old fallen leaves.
It seems my memories are filling my senses.
Is this what is means to grow old?
I have many years yet to go
much more time to forge more memories.
This storage crisis needs to end.

Copyright © 2018 Kim Whysall-Hammond


15 thoughts on “Storage issues

  1. In “Why We Sleep” the neuroscientist author asserts that in the first four hours of an 8-hour sleep, the brain does repairs, and in the second four hours, the brain organizes information to make room for new memories. Are you getting enough sleep?

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      1. concussion is quite serious, and may impact brain function for years if not permanently. some of the police violence in the US is attributable to officers being rushed back to work after a concussion.

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            1. Fatigue, vertigo, speech disorders, memory issues. MRI showed nothing– I was complimented that my brain looks a lot younger than I am!

              Two neurologists just said rest it will go away which was not working. Finally in 2017 the severe fatigue had gone, but the other symptoms had got worse. My doctor signed me off work and onto paid sick leave and found a new Neurolgist who performed the Epley maneuver resulting in about 80% of my symptoms being cleared immediatley. His diagnosis is that I’ve been left with an inner ear disorder which was overtiring the brain as it tried to compensate– the effects of which mimicked my original concussion. I’ve not slept well these past two weeks and it’s back. Hubby will do an Epley tonight!


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