18 thoughts on “My First Post Using the New Block Editor

  1. I understand and sympathise Kim…. I’ve been battling for 3 weeks, and with stubborn persistence… I’m gradually coming to terms with the new “Block-head” editor…


  2. I really dont like seeing my poems with double line spacing. It’s not how poems are printed after all. Also, I cut and paste from a word processor rather than type poems directly into WP. The block editor doesn’t appear to support me on either of these.

    I’ve been having several conversations on the support forums this weekend! We’ll get there!

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        1. I have used it once or twice and tried it more than that. I haven’t found out yet how to control the layout and font within blocks, and the copyright symbol seems to have disappeared. I hope that either I will improve or WordPress will!

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  3. I’m clinging on with the classic editor, Kim.
    Who wanted blocks anyway?
    All I need is an image, with some words underneath.
    (I wonder if WordPress would prefer to gradually lose unprofitable blogs?)


  4. I struggled with Block Editor as well and contacted WordPress. They were very helpful. When you are entering a new post, go to the “+” tp the right and scroll down until you see a feather icon for verse. It will single space nicely. It’s pretty weird, but works.Let me know if it works for you.

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  5. I empathize with your frustration, Kim…. Am wondering why they can’t keep both editors as they’ve done for a couple of years now. Even using their classic editor block is a chore. It’s not really the same. But like you, I’ll get there. 🙂

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