Two Poems in ‘New Towns’ Anthology

I’m delighted to tell you that I have two poems in an upcoming anthology from Wild Pressed Books.

New Towns is an anthology of place writing edited by Robert Francis, focused on the new towns that were created in the second half of the 20th century. The collection offers a diverse range of  perspectives and forms from established and upcoming writers.

My two poems Glimpse and Winter in Concrete are about Bracknell in Berkshire, where I have worked at two different times in my career. Thank you Robert for including my poems.

The New Towns Anthology is now available for pre-order on the Wild Pressed Website, with a publication date anticipated for September. You can pre-order at

We’re defining New Towns by those associated with the New Towns Act 1946, and the subsequent waves of development following the Second World War: the waves of 1946, 1961-64 and 1967-70. These towns were designed to alleviate housing shortages by expanding into the UK’s Green Belt and areas considered “overspill” close to large cities. That said, some already existing conurbations were designated with New Town status during these waves, this included town planning and housing projects in keeping with the design and ethos of the wider projects. This anthology is a glimpse at a handful of sites that all share similar histories, social and cultural make-up, and founding principles.​”

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