Delicious dampness, fresh scented grey,
Washing the stuffy warm weather away
My soul is a sponge, expanding when wet,
And sunshine’s a word I’d rather forget,
I like the newness of autumn (but its only July!)
The soggy clean clouds that fill up the sky
Change is the thing, after two weeks the same,
Filled with humid hot weather –Thank God for rain!

Copyright © 2016 Kim Whysall-Hammond

It is raining today and more is forecast. This year we have had  many weeks of very hot humid weather. We English are not built for that……

Submitted to the Dverse Open Link Night.

33 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Such a wonderful relief, Kim, and one of my favourite things to write about and to splash around in. I enjoyed the rhymes in this poem, the alliterative ‘delicious dampness’ and the idea of ‘fresh scented grey’ – bring it on!

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  2. WA state, the Pa NW share your latitude and propensity for rain. Our hot humid weather, hitting triple digits, drives us to also wish/pray for precipitation.

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  3. Here we’ve had a spate of glorious summer days with night time temps in the 60’s and days in the 80’s, skies azure and cloudless. Picture perfect! Loved your poem.

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  4. I am not English, but this Yankee can emphasize. I too am ever grateful for the rain we’ve had the past couple of days breaking the sweltering cycle. You penned this with longing and a dash of humor.

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  5. It’s been cooler here all week and it feels like fall is heading our way. After many hot days the skin does seem to soak up the rain. It’s invigorating. I enjoyed your refreshing poem.

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