Poetry meeting minutes

The committee agrees
That poetry should be heard and not seen
The hearing impaired will be given the poem
Realised in interpretative dance in lieu
Of sign language translation.

The committee decrees
That all the stuff about whether Instagram
And Landmark poems are actually poetry
Is taking more time to sort out than expected
So it all will be on next months agenda
The chair is looking forward to being on holiday then

The committee is resolved
That rhyming shall be a crime best dealt with
By poetic justice. In fact rhythm is also suspect
As is meaning.


Copyright © 2020 Kim Whysall-Hammond


36 thoughts on “Poetry meeting minutes

      1. The academic world is seriously restricted in its views of what constitutes poetry. On my poetry in creative writing course at our local university we discussed various aspects of how different poets wrote about death and losing a loved one. Once I got started, “St Kilda’s Bay” filled my head. I knew it was totally unacceptable on a university course but had to write it to get it out of my head. To me it is definitely poetry, and one of my favourites of all the poems I have written, and has been well received on WordPress. I then went on to write “Watering The Dandelion” which fortunately was well received in class. I am not completely satisfied with it but I had to stop sometime.

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            1. So frustrating ! Having blogging websites such as WordPress on the internet has really opened up opportunities for the vast majority of us who write but do not fit in with the very narrow framework of what is condered “literary”.

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  1. Ah, hahaha! I love this too much. You describe the poetry snobbery well. Oh, those snobby snobs…

    I really enjoyed this line the most:

    “The committee decrees
    That all the stuff about whether Instagram
    And Landmark poems are actually poetry…”

    Love it! Brilliant writing and humor. May I apply as press secretary?

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