Friday Poem: On My First Daughter

Here lies, to each her parents’ ruth,
Mary, the daughter of their youth;
Yet all heaven’s gifts being heaven’s due,
It makes the father less to rue.
At six months’ end she parted hence
With safety of her innocence;
Whose soul heaven’s queen, whose name she bears,
In comfort of her mother’s tears,
Hath placed amongst her virgin-train:
Where, while that severed doth remain,
This grave partakes the fleshly birth;
Which cover lightly, gentle earth!

By Ben Jonson

6 thoughts on “Friday Poem: On My First Daughter

  1. The loss of a child, or grandchild, is a source of unmeasurable pain for those who can still feel. It was much more common in earlier times, and remains too common in the US, where birth fatalities are higher than in other industrialized countries. That’s another important failing in a country that is focused on caring for the rich.
    We lost a 13 year-old grandson to a dirt bike accident one year ago. That pain won’t ever fully subside. The two adults, not family, who egged the child to go faster have both since died of drug overdoses. I think we can guess what their pain was like.
    My pain has turned to anger, at a society founded on worthy ideals that trivializes and violates those ideals on a daily basis.

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    1. We lost a daughter in 1996, despite the best efforts of one of the worlds top obstetricians (all free). He wept with us and held my hands through two further, sucessful, pregnancies. So I understand your pain and, also, I can understand your anger.
      When I was a teenager, America was the place to admire, the place where we wanted to live. It is all so different now.

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  2. I’m sorry for your loss. As Vic said, we lost our 13 year old grandson last year. Unfortunately this is my second time helping my children bury their babies. My other son lost two babies with complications during the delivery. I didn’t think anything could hurt as much as seeing them devastated and knowing there was nothing I could do to ease their pain.

    I feel ashamed of our country, too.

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    1. Yes, seeing our children suffer is so very hard. Losing three grandchildren — my heart goes out to you.
      I’m afraid that our government will make us more like America after Brexit. Private medicine and poor food standards.


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