13 thoughts on “Homeless

      1. At the very least, for a start. There are vacant buildings in various states of repair across the nation. Teach them to repair and give them a stake in a home and a future. Everyone will benefit.

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        1. A friend who volunteers feeding the homeless tells me that (here in the UK) so many homeless people have mental health issues and a complete distrust of ‘the system’ that more complex solutions are needed. But a roof over their head is a start…..

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          1. As a mental health professional, not UK, I know how true that is. Yet if one is seen lying in the street bleeding, you would expect help to be on the way. With mental health issues the stigma never goes away and the resources are not forthcoming. I’ve worked with most every population across many agencies and the lack of conscience and resources is criminally appauling.
            I also have had the experience of being homeless, as a child. You can’t shock me.

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            1. No. Here I am safe and appreciated. Yes, you are 100 percent correct there is a huge stigma in America for those who have suffered head injuries.

              Hard, perhaps but it was better than going “home”. That was where the real terror was.

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