Brief bloom

We are a brief bloom
On the fragile skin
Of a molten body
Encircling a massive furnace

We are a blossoming of sentience
With encrusted technologies
Craving wonder, hoping for company
Seeking knowledge and excitement

We truly are stardust
Our bodies built from atoms
Forged in successive stellar explosions
We crave the glories of the Universe

We are Human

Copyright © 2016 Kim Whysall-Hammond

19 thoughts on “Brief bloom

  1. I love that “blossoming of sentience”, and wish more of it would arise to change this trajectory we are on. We are stardust with motes in our eyes. I loved this poem.

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  2. You ever read Brian Swimme’s The Universe is A Green Dragon? He posits that humanity is the eye of the dragon, live evolved to a sentience which can see the universe in some measure of full. You place us aboard that dragon (magnificent first stanza) and make our wonder its hunger. We are “stardust” which craves “the glories of the Universe.” Amen. – Brendan


  3. Beautifully written, Kim! I love the voiced plosive alliteration in ‘brief bloom’ so delicate, especially when paired with ‘fragile skin’ and contrasted with ‘a molten body / Encircling a massive furnace’. I also like the sibilance of stardust and ‘successive stellar explosions’ before you end with us, the ones who gaze upwards. ‘We are stardust’ also reminds me of Joni and Woodstock.

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      1. You’re more than welcome! Does your husband sell cheese on the markets in Guldford or Petersfield? My daughter moved from Guildford to Liphook last year and whenever I visit, we love the market in Guildford. Not possible at the moment, of course, but in the future. We LOVE cheese!

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        1. The business grew from a cheese addiction! He sells at indoor markets in the Reading, Newbury, Hungerford area, plus Xmas markets at Swindon and Basingstoke. But who knows when they will all start again, and who would go if they did……..

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