Emerging from the Tube you clothe me
with dusty breath and ambient noise
I feel you living restlessly
lifeforce surging through centuries
pulsing through busy streets
I turn a corner and a garden churchyard
filled with lunchers and tourists
leads me to rest

Leaving you in a plane I reach down
pet your raised questioning head
sooth and smooth your black silky fur
I have run from you as you’ve
preyed upon my soul my heart
your begging eyes always
bring my return

Copyright © 2020 Kim Whysall-Hammond

My love poem to my old home town, lying quietly at present, but she will shake off the blues and arise……


11 thoughts on “London

  1. Home is always there, under everything else; even when its been left far behind, we take it with us. I especially love the second stanza, and the personification of the city as a loved dog–brilliant. I hope your wishes for her, which somehow are for all of us, come true.

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  2. I love the idea of reaching down to pat the head of your beloved town. I feel the same way about Tofino – such love. Yes, London has quiet streets now. But heroic people, and she will rise again.

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