Thursday evenings
at our front doors
we are all there

Grinning at each other
neighbours all
stepping out

Into our gardens and
driveways to see
to acknowledge each other

Clapping for our health service
grateful it is there, that people
risk themselves to care for us

It is difficult to stop but
eventually we do
calling out “Stay well”

That mantra of this pandemic
along with “Take Care”
then we go back inside

And someone, along the street
as we stopped last week
played ‘What a wonderful world’

Copyright © 2020 Kim Whysall-Hammond


and tonight, they played “Somewhere over the Rainbow”……..

7 thoughts on “Clapping  

      1. We were supposed to be doing a similar thing on one occasion, but I don’t think the word got out enough because the time came and went without me realising it.

        I found out after the fact when my cousin told me her apartment building participated in force!

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  1. I am touched on Thursdays but I look too and see people who knowingly voted for all this chaos and not just once and who choose to shut their ears to bad news stories or criticism of their chosen leaders’ actions and the clapping starts to echo in emptiness. Sorry to sound so bleak.

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