Lifting over the horizon comes Orion
stellar giant writ large in the sky
seven winter stars, guiding me on dark nights
heavenly shepard

Rigel, bluebright, ten millions year young
living fast and furious
there at the giants front knee
pushing forward

Great Betelguese smolders
into dying at Orions shoulder
or maybe she’s blown away already
a light six centuries away

Hanging from a three star belt
stars are birthed swaddled in glowing nebulosity
look closely and you see their pinprick natal shine
count them and argue about it

Copyright © 2020 Kim Whysall-Hammond

4 thoughts on “Orion

  1. I love your poetry, Kim. This is my kind of work. Have you ever submitted to:
    Eye to the Telescope is looking for speculative (science-fiction, fantasy or supernatural horror) poetry within the theme of SEX. No submission fee, and published poets are paid! Eye to the Telescope is a quarterly online journal from the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association (SFPA). You do NOT need to be an SFPA member to submit. For details, https://eyetothetelescope.com/submit.html?

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