Time and the Virus  

Everything has stopped
Except our beating hearts
This fear, anxiety
To curtail viral spread
Those things by which we
Often measure passing time
Are gone
Birthday parties, Easter family dinners
Clubs, days out, hanging with friends
Passover is still kept
But changed and

Oh for a cultural tradition of my own
I could cling onto
Instead in Lockdown, we English
Have changed, seem to be talking more
Greeting fellow walkers with smiles and waves

Nature is apace, pushing forward
Birds sing in the absence of traffic
A blue tit perches in my unused car
Flowers bloom, trees bud
Life burdgeons joyously

In the human world
It is as if the month of March
And, so far, a good part of April
Has been cancelled

Just our still beating hearts
And this fear, anxiety

Copyright © 2020 Kim Whysall-Hammond

17 thoughts on “Time and the Virus  

  1. I was daydreaming today about walking along the Canal du Midi in the south of France. Your painting reminded me of the tree lined roads in that area. A safe future seems such a long way off . . . At least we are being blessed with hot sunshine right now.

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  2. Yes, two major holidays are a bit scaled down this year! No big Easter brunch or large Seder. Ramadan’s prayers and fasting starting the end of the month will probably be nice and peaceful. Yet, nature does go on without us, quite joyfully. Maybe it’s hinting we could crack open a window from time to time. Thanks for your thoughtful poem. Rebecca

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  3. Our still beating hearts, counting the hours….still here, not sick yet. Grateful for what there still is to be grateful for, and the heroes everywhere.

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  4. I love how you’ve captured the moment, Kim, and the circularity of your poem, which reminds us that the world turns, seasons change and, eventually, the pandemic will be over. This is our reality and it’s there for posterity to read and try to understand, in the same way we tried to understand the Plague. The most touching lines for me are:
    ‘Those things by which we
    Often measure passing time
    Are gone
    Birthday parties, Easter family dinners
    Clubs, days out, hanging with friends’.

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