Green rumbles rambles rolls and ripples
in all its shades and hues
rustles murmurs sways and drifts
floats on and under the waters of both
chill chalk stream and ocean
surfaces the land
spawns and augments tall trees
defines jungles, swamps, farmland
cools and shades, feeds and shelters
sparkled with daisies
strewn with buttercups
cut red with poppy wounds

Green is waste light reflected back from leaves
by the quantum machine of photosynthesis
that powers all life

Copyright © 2019 Kim Whysall-Hammond

‘Green’ was first published in the Environs issue of Snakeskin:

12 thoughts on “Green

  1. I love this, especially your closing lines……..a Canadian scientist is on the cusp of developing a serum for the corona virus from a green plant…………

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  2. Lovely walk in green places, all of which nurture and further! In Florida, spring-tide greens are almost astonishing, so virginal and plush. Thanks for greening things at earthweal … Brendan

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  3. I’m looking out at our garden, green with splashes of pale and bright yellow, vivid in the cold wind and sleet this Sunday morning, and nodding at your green verbs ’rumbles rambles rolls and ripples’. You’ve captured nature vividly in this poem, Kim, and brightened up my dreary morning.

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