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      1. the air travellers are now reaching us at the other end of the world. We currently have about 30 confirmed cases of Covid19, all recent arrivals, or their children or partners. Only NZ citizens and residents are now allowed into NZ.

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            1. It’s getting very crazy here in my little town. People are buying like it’s the end of the world –nothing left on the shelves, leaving the elderly and students (who buy little and often and can’t fill a car boot with stuff) with no food.

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            2. Yes it really is tough on those with low weekly / fortnightly incomes. I stocked up yesterday, got home, discovered that there were other items needing to be stocked up. So I went back for the rest today. I got all necessary items, though not always the budget brands and quantities I usually get. Then I put it on my credit card, which I rarely use in the supermarket. Since I own my little flat I have a bit of leeway to pay it off luckily, but many do not.

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            3. We have 52 confirmed cases of Covid19 in NZ tonight. and probably our first two cases of community transmission. We are on our level 2 alert, including over 70’s to stay at home as much as possible. Maybe I can get back to writing.

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  1. Things never being the same can, in the best case scenario, be a good thing. Smiles. May we emerge transformed on the other side. We live in hope.

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