She flies in to a land below the sluice gates
under leaden  wintry skies
braving bone chilling, joint stiffening cold
to regain a lover and husband,
surprising family and friends
with a festive presence.
He cossets her adoringly
treasuring the time they are together
sharing memories of a hot Penang wedding  a world away
that celebrated a fealty lasting across oceans and years.
Tenderness and  connubiality,
happiness built on avocations and contrasts.
Cherishing time together with all those they love
partaking companionably
endearing us all to them.
Soon, she will travel back
to the other side of the planet
to summer heat and extended family
that now stretches globally
to a tall Dutchman.


Copyright © 2018 Kim Whysall-Hammond

For Nesa Sivagnanam, who passed away on the 7th of March  — and for Edgar Held, that tall Dutchman, now alone.

17 thoughts on “Global

  1. A very interesting piece, even more so now that planes don’t fly and borders don’t open, and Broadway is dark, and Disneyland has locked its gates. My condolences to the tall Dutchman.

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  2. A lovely celebration / reminiscence of a different way to do marriage and loving. It made a lovely read. And yes, condolences indeed to the tall Dutchman – and yet congratulations too, for being part of such a beautiful relationship.

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  3. My heart lifted at their joy, then sobered at her flying away, leaving her Dutchman alone. But with the happiest of memories. Sigh. Beautiful and sad. Like love. Like life.

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    1. Hi Julie! Yes, of course you can share this poem. Please also put a link back to this blog. Welcome to WordPress — I love it here…….

      BTW, you don’t seem to have comments available on your blog. Comments are how you build your community.


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