The Legendary Warriors of Benin: The Dahomey Amazons

Ok, this isn’t poetry, but it’s a briliant bit of History from Ally:

Hark Around the Greats

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From daughters to soldiers, from wives to weapons, the Dahomey Amazons remain the only known frontline female troops in the history of modern warfare. At their height, they made up around a third of the entire Dahomey army, more than 6,000 strong. Every single person who encountered them agreed, however, that they were vastly superior to the male soldiers in effectiveness and bravery. They were a sub-Saharan band of female warriors who terrified the world. All colonisers from Europe were warned about them. They would show you NO mercy. Fighting on the bloodiest battlefields of history, this all female army would emerge as one of history’s most elite fighting forces. They were almost untouchable. Sworn in as virgins, their preferred method of kill? Swift decapitation. It was one of their many brutal trademarks. Today, very few have heard of them, but in times gone by, few armies…

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