How Not to Drown

I would like to share with you an excellent poem from “This Life Made Beautiful”…….

This Life Made Beautiful

This fog pierces
like lightning - thick as mud
and hurts like hell.
I joke with my friend,
“Even breakfast is too complicated!”
We laugh.
But the joke is real today, and I
am not laughing anymore.
… Should I go to class?
I wander out the front door
five minutes before Basic Swimming
and drive to the gym.
At least I will not drown
in pool water.
Front crawl.
Back crawl.

At the deep end
I grab the pool edge breathing
heavy and deep, and stare dully
over the watery expanse.
I do not know anything,
or feel anything - except the
searing, mind-numbing reality
of right now.
What else is there?
I have forgotten already.
I begin again the front crawl.
Reminiscent of Dory, the mantra arises,
unbidden -
“Just keep swimming, just
keep swimming, just keep

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