What do we gain and gather
in all those places we go?

Close your eyes, see sunlight
glinting on childhood beaches
sunset over rust red desert
sunrise on a volcano

Smell all those breakfast coffees
your fathers home made burgers
your brothers socks
your lovers hair

You are the morning light
shafting through city streets
glinting from windows
bringing you home

Copyright © 2019 Kim Whysall-Hammond

10 thoughts on “Gains

    1. And I’m not finished exploring it yet. :)

      I’ve had to think hard about your question, because the answer wasn’t immediate. I think it started when I spent September constructing photobooks celebrating my younger sons life (he’s just reached 18), I did 4, each slightly different, for grandparents and godparents. I starting thinking about how his life and upbringing has been positively affected by family travels and journeys. And on how I mark my life by travel adventures.


      1. We have much in common. I hope you experienced my question as an opportunity. It is definitely a wonder one to consider. Yeah you for sitting with it. Children and travel have both marked my timeline as well.
        Keep on writing.

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