Friday Poem: An Anglo-Saxon Riddle….

A wonderful warrior exists on earth.
Two dumb creatures make him grow bright between them.
Enemies use him against one another.
His strength is fierce but a woman can tame him.
He will meekly serve both men and women
If they know the trick of looking after him
And feeding him properly.
He makes people happy.
He makes their lives better.
But if they let him grow proud
This ungrateful friend soon turns against them.


Can anyone tell me what is being described???  (No cheating online!)

10 thoughts on “Friday Poem: An Anglo-Saxon Riddle….

        1. This was the first time. Every Friday, I put up a poem from one of the various poetry books on the bookshelves here in my living-room. My husband studied Anglo-Saxon as part of his History degree, and still has volumes of poetry translated from the Anglo-Saxon (including riddles) . This week, I took something from one of his books…..

          I will do more riddles as the weeks go by. Next Friday, though, I plan some Edward Lear.


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