Friday Poem: Hunger

I come among the peoples like a shadow.
I sit down by each man’s side.

None sees me, but they look on one another,
And know that I am there.

My silence is like the silence of the tide
That buries the playground of children;

Like the deepening of frost in the slow night,
When birds are dead in the morning.

Armies trample, invade, destroy,
With guns roaring from earth and air.

I am more terrible than armies,
I am more feared than the cannon.

Kings and chancellors give commands;
I give no command to any;

But I am listened to more than kings
And more than passionate orators.

I unswear words, and undo deeds.
Naked things know me.

I am first and last to be felt of the living.
I am Hunger.

by Laurence Binyon

3 thoughts on “Friday Poem: Hunger

  1. Moving, and so appropriate when even the crumbs from the rich men’s tables do not reach the children of Vietnam, and many other places, only something to spill their empty guts on the earth.


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