My sons tower over me

My sons tower over me
making me feel like I have shrunk
the eldest shares stories  of University
some I’d rather not hear

Spontaneous hugs envelop  me
protective and loving
we smile over stories of their boyhood
adventures while walking to school
playing at Orcs  in the woods
chasing waves on a North Sea beach
then travelling home soaked through
that time in the fountain…

I  am grateful for the gifts of love and joy
that they bring me
many times unknowingly
am happy when the house
fills with the deep laughter of young men

Copyright © 2019 Kim Whysall-Hammond

7 thoughts on “My sons tower over me

      1. My height never passed 5’2″ so they didn’t have to go far. However, the older two passed six feet long before high school. The third had some health issues and he never passed 5’10”. But considering the illness and the statistics on it, he did very well. He is the one the girls could never take their eyes off. He has the six-pack and everything that goes with it. He can scale a cliff faster than a mountain goat and is very into all those high energy, extreme sports. My little Welsh grandmother didn’t come up to my chin as a teenager. My Swedish grandmother was 6’2″ so I am a mongrel. ;)

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