The Aurochs and the Pink

On the plains
forest deep
springwater wells up
fills a hollow
where Aurochs drank

So came our mothers and fathers
shooting arrows
flinging spears
to take abundant meat

Settling close by
they found a special magic
for flints taken from the waters
turned colour
to a wondrous


And history began

Copyright © 2019 Kim Whysall-Hammond


………Blink Mead near Stonehenge appears to be the site where everything started. Algae in the waters nearby turns the surface of flints a truly shocking pink. It is strongly suggested that this is why the whole landscape of Sailsbury Plain became sacred, culminating in the biulding of Stonehenge.

…and an Auroch is a very large cow….


4 thoughts on “The Aurochs and the Pink

  1. Not entirely sure of “our ancestors built stonehenge” argument? The area is well planned. They did it all because the algae turned pink? Really, not convinced?

    Nice poem though and the ideas provoke my thoughts. Thanks! Cheers Jamie.

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    1. This pond is unique in what is does to flints. The suggestion by archeologists is that this ‘magic’ and it’s significance to those who fisrt found it over 6,000 years ago was possibly why so many monuments were built of Salisbury Plain and the very beginning of a several thousand years long sequence of building. The Stonehenge we see today is not what was originally built — and new surveys have recently shown the remains of other circles near it…..


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