Whaling Boat

Cleaving through the waves
Slender, fragile
A wooden sailing boat
Races its kindred
In the regatta
Brought back to life and beauty
Restored to some use
But not the original fatal one
Man against beast
Hand launched harpoon
Against the deep diving leviathan
A dreadful trade
Forged in harsh necessity
Killing Whales and men
In this isolated archipelago
As the boat  turns into the wind
A bright Orange speeder passes close
Bouncing from wave to wave
Full of tourists
Out to hunt whales
With their cameras

Copyright © 2016 Kim Whysall-Hammond

3 thoughts on “Whaling Boat

  1. Our government for some years now has had the old timer – and elderly – whalers busy with binoculars on a suitable vantage point overlooking Cook Strait between our two main islands for several weeks each year during the whales’ annual migration period. So they have gone from whale hunting to whale counting for a whale census. All whales are now protected here.

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      1. Wonderful . We still have the Japanese whale hunting in the Pacific today. They bring a whole lot of poor relation “friends” from landlocked countries to the whaling commission to vote with them


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